F &S

Great hunting clothes make all the difference in the world for both men and women when hunting.  However, women have different needs in clothing than men.  When will the major suppliers of hunting clothes take note of this especially in view of the huge uptick in women who want to hunt.?  Women do not like oversized clothing.  Even with the proper size, the proportions are usually  completely wrong.  Too much material in certain areas, makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable.  Even while hunting, women want to feel like they look good, right?  I am all about sleek clothes with high performance.  I don’t want to be weighed down with more fabric than I need.   Zippers are my favorite item on my clothes.  Open pockets are useless.  Never buy a jacket that does not have zippered pockets.   When you are sitting in complete darkness, you need to know where everything you need is with easy access without fear of something falling out of your pocket.  This time of year, I am enjoying my Field and Stream with No Scent technology.  I found it at Dicks Sporting Goods and I have been very pleased with it.  It is the perfect weight for this time of year and you can layer with it as well making it great for cold morning hunts and it stands well on its own for afternoon hunts.  The pockets are perfect and the legs are wide enough to work with snake boots.  I have a lot of ideas on how to make women’s hunting clothes better if only I could get someone to listen to my ideas.  That’s a topic for another post!