Patriotic hunter

Amber Sperry Johns showing her love for our country.

Before long, we voters will have the power to save America by showing up at the polls en masse. We will not be intimidated, and we won’t back down. By showing up in person, we will show our overwhelming support for politicians who represent the traditional values we want to protect, including our hunting heritage. In contrast, some voters will be hiding at home, having chosen to mail in their votes. Some people will do this to advance the argument that it is just not safe to vote in person, even though they’re fully aware that mail-in voting is a potential pathway for voter fraud. Of course, some voters have legitimate reasons to use absentee ballots. We are not questioning that. We are not voting just for President Trump, but for the America, we want for our children and for the generations to come.

Mother and son hunting turkeys

Diane Martinez on a successful hog hunt and doubled down with turkeys, too


A duck hunting family

Duck hunting is a family affair for Marissa Amador

Sportsmen believe in limited government and are fiercely independent. Our American heritage has deep roots in the mindset that hard work and determination will pay off. We do not look for handouts. Sportsmen would rather be the people lending a helping hand to friends and neighbors. In other words, we dislike the taxes levied on us to improve the lives of people who are not working to help themselves. We strive routinely to help the less fortunate and do it more efficiently than the government, with its wasteful giveaway programs.

We know how to shoot guns. By being proficient with firearms, we can protect ourselves. Therefore, we don’t need the government to protect us in our daily lives. If you don’t own a gun or know how to shoot a gun, you rely on the police for protection. The problem is that, by the time the police get to you, it is probably too late.


3-Time Olympic Biathlete & Professional 3-gunner, Lanny Oakley represents our country proudly

Many sportsmen and women have earned college degrees, but even so, we are often looked down upon by people on the left, and stereotyped as uneducated. We have also acquired a real-life experience. A hunter’s knowledge is much more useful in life than book knowledge alone. Many “book-smart” people have limited real-life skills. If a natural disaster occurred and the trappings of modern life we rely on came to an end, would you rather be with a hunter or a college professor?

She hunts with a spear

 Angie Kokes is a very skilled spear hunter who has worked hard to make sure her hunts are ethical

We live by a simple rule: We eat what we kill. In translation, we live within our means. If we don’t have the money, we will not look for a handout—we try harder to earn more to provide for our families. Pride drives us, and if you earn it, you will appreciate and respect the money you receive. If it is a handout, you will never experience the joy of independence. We are self-sustaining, and by harvesting our own food, we can take care of an essential need—therefore, we don’t need the government to protect us by regulating farmers’ meat and produce production

A few months ago—due to the COVID-related shutdown of many companies that produce food and other necessities—many haters wondered where their next meal might come from. Hunters had no such fear. We are self-sustaining, our freezers are full, and we know how to survive.

harvesting fish

No grocery store needed for Becky & Nick Gerritsen

Sportsmen have plain common sense. We know how to cut through the propaganda most people are subjected to daily, and we make up our minds based on the truths we learned early in life. Growing up grounded by parents who instilled the no-nonsense principle of doing the right thing makes life pretty straightforward—it is usually a question of right or wrong, and doing the right thing is most important.

Patriotic hunter

Raising them up to love America

We are patriotic. We are proud of our American heritage. We hold to the underlying spirit of loving our country instead of finding fault with it. We know the United States is not perfect, but we do not condone tearing our country down. We respect our military and our police, and we believe in law and order.

girl hunting

I love walking in the woods to hunt

Most hunters would rather be lost in the woods at night with no flashlight than walk the streets of a major American city. Hunters are strong and fearless—we have to be. When you are in the wild, anything can happen. We don’t require a “safe space”: Our safe space is the out-of-doors.


In the hunting community, there is a strong movement on social media and in our daily lives to preserve our freedoms. However, the movement is within the ranks at this point, meaning that we share feelings and frustrations within our own community. Many people do not want to share their opinions openly, especially on social media, for fear of pushback. In no way does this mean that we are ashamed of or unwilling to stand up for our beliefs—it means that we know that it is not the right place or time to show where we stand. We understand that the right time and the right place is at the voting booth. By supporting each other within our community, we affirm that our beliefs are widespread, contrary to the mainstream media outlets’ message.

Girl hunter wearing Maga hat

Jamie Barnes showing her support for Trump

“Most hunters would rather be lost in the woods at night with no flashlight than walk the streets of a major American city. “

Sportsmen are on a vast campaign to bring more hunters into the community so that we can preserve our long-held tradition for future generations. Within the ranks, we are headstrong, preaching the benefits of hunting to young and other first-time hunters. It is never too late to start hunting. Adding new people to our hunting community ranks will help sustain this population, which has been decreasing for many years. Female shooters and hunters whose numbers are growing faster than ever, are now a demographic to take seriously.

Hunters will tirelessly defend and protect the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We staunchly resist more gun control laws, because these open the door for more and more regulations. Protecting the Second Amendment is the number one common goal among hunters and those who enjoy shooting sports.

Freedom means freedom, and there is no gray area. The idea of depending on the government for our every need does not equate to freedom.

We have our worries, especially concerning the generation that is now old enough to vote. Many young people have sheltered in their “safe spaces” at liberal colleges and taught that the government could and should be involved in every aspect of their lives. We worry that their parents are not guiding them to think on their own. Many younger Americans now totally accept socialism, as well as some older folks who feel like they want their share of government entitlements.

The politicians who keep promising to pay off student loans and promising massive entitlement programs have not explained where the funds will come from. It will come from people just like you and me. There is no free lunch, ever! Someone will pay, and many people think only “the wealthy” will pay for these programs, but their money will dry up eventually. You may get an entitlement in one hand, but you will be paying for it with the other hand.

raising children in a self sustaining lifestyle

Raising our children in a self-sustaining lifestyle is a gift to them

I can’t imagine a life where there is not an incentive to thrive. America was founded on this simple concept of working hard, taking risks, and being rewarded for your hard work. I would not have changed anything about the self-sustaining lifestyle I experienced living on a farm and harvesting our food by hunting and growing vegetables and the manner in which I was raised by my parents.

Young man hunting in a deer stand

Andrea Bogard is raising her son as a hunter and conservationist

Yes, I think sportsmen will save America. The only hitch is we have to get out to vote in person. If you are lucky enough to live in a state that promotes the Second Amendment, consider yourself lucky, and try to get everyone you know to vote. Don’t take anything for granted! If you live in a state where you feel you have to hide your love for hunting, we understand your frustration. You have every reason to want to save America from liberal politicians. Hunters, shooters, and all lovers of life in America, please heed this call to action. America depends on you! Have a little fun and wear something camo!

rustic barn with waving flag

God Bless America!